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What is an Awesomer?

An Awesomer is someone who through a series of long-term actions and behaviors has demonstrated that they are not satisfied with normal. They are achievers to a penultimate degree in their own industry specialty or area of interest. There are no monetary criteria to be an Awesomer, in fact, many mega-wealthy people are not Awesomers. Some of them are Normies. Others are even Basics! Awesomers want to thrive; not just survive. Awesomers are trying to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. They are trying to make an impact, in whatever way they can, on the world. Awesomers solve problems in the world. They don’t create them. Awesomers are never done learning or improving. To become an Awesomer one must realize the journey to improve is perpetual. In other words, you don't arrive to the land of the Awesomer as a destination. Being an Awesomer means you are on the path of achievement for the sake of improving your life and those around you. Awesomers are 75% more likely to listen to educational or improvement podcasts.**

What is a Normie?

A Normie is someone who is stable and well established in life and ultimately is satisfied with the status quo. They don't want to rock the boat. They don't want to take risks. Normies are satisfied to survive. Normies are fine, just ask them. Awesomers have no problems with Normies. In fact, most Awesomers are surrounded by Normies who are their close friends and even family. More often than not Normies do not understand the plight of the Awesomer so they will warn the Awesomer to “be careful” or “don’t do it” or provide other guidance they mean to be helpful, but it is really just negativity that the Awesomer must overcome. We all know and love Normies and we are not criticizing Normies. We're only delineating some of the differences that exist between Awesomers and Normies. Normies are 84% more likely to listen to news about the Kardashians than Awesomers.**

What is a Basic?

A basic is someone who doesn't care about anyone which is often including themselves. They self-sabotage, they create problems, and they are not people that anyone should hang out with. They suck the life out of everyone around them by manufacturing drama, problems, or other nonsense. These people have chosen a path for themselves often by years and years of behaviors and actions which lead them to the life they have today; which is ok with us. We’re not judging. We just choose not to have our journey detoured by crossing the path of a Basic. (We also refer to this as the no A-HOLE rule.) 63% of basics have a cell phone only to play games, consume news or "vent" on social media.**

**The preceding statistics for each archetype above is 100% made up. We like to make jokes. But we'll always tell the truth and set the record straight.

The podcast, hosted by Steve Simonson, will showcase some of the amazing origin stories of Awesomers from around the world. There are so many truly inspiring stories from people from all walks of life, but most often the Awesomers that will be focused on will be those who are also entrepreneurs. We'll be launching in the last half of 2018 as we build the systems and a team to support this important effort. We hope you will join us for this exhilarating journey!

We believe in embracing revelry and enjoying the journey. We know we have to work hard, but we do not have to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of #hustle. As much as we admire and respect those points of view, we believe in finding harmony with your long-term personal WHY and your business or work life. Harmony is better than balance. We agree with Jeff Bezos about this concept of harmony vs. work-life balance.

Are you ready to join us? We hope so. We also hope you will pass the word to other awesomers you know! Only the podcast listeners can determine if this podcast will be enduring and valuable. We'll do everything we can to add value to Awesomers around the world and we'll count on the Awesomer Army to pass on the good word. ;)

We will have other guests who are authors, subject matter experts, and anybody who we see that is clearly an awesomer. There are so many wonderful guests in the interview queue. We can't wait to start releasing shows.

If you are ready to join in the origin story of this podcast by sharing your own story please don't hesitate to reach out to us by going to our CONTACT US page.


As we begin this journey we are excited and we'll admit we're nervous. Excited because hanging out with Awesomers is so much fun. Nervous because if we suck at interviewing it will be instantly clear and nobody will listen. Of course, we're prepared as always to follow our own advice: FAIL FAST! We will do at least 180 DAILY episodes and then use that as our milestone to determine the future course of action. If we can't generate at least 6,000 subscribers we will reconsider if we are adding value or not. But we're willing to put the time, money, and heart into the the first six months starting August 1st, 2018.

Our podcast theme will take on these primary formats:

1) Awesomers Origin - We'll talk to an Awesomer about where they came from, the triumphs and tribulations they have faced and how they are doing today. An Awesomer Origin story is the chance to hear the backstory about the journey our guest took on their road to become awesomer. These stories are incredibly varied and the takeaway is that awesomers come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, creeds, colors and every other variation possible. On your awesomer road you will face adversity. That’s just part of life. The question as always is how YOU choose to deal with it.
2) Awesomers Authority - We'll talk to subject matter experts that talk about various topics that would be of interest to other Awesomers who are listening including, but not limited to, starting a business, running a business, best marketing ideas, sourcing in China, organizational development, tools to help your your business more profitably and much more.
3) BACK TALK - We'll connect with the Awesomers Army of listeners to answer questions about starting and running an eCommerce business or related topics.
4) Awesomers BOOK OF THE WEEK - Steve and other "insiders" will share their favorite books and talk about some of the reasons why these books are noteworthy to them. We'll share why we believe learning and knowledge is a critical difference maker when it comes to becoming a leader and ultimately staying on the road to becoming awesomer.
5) Awesomers Insights  - Steve and from time to time other "insiders" will share their knowledge about specific topics to help the listeners improve their knowledge on a subject. We considered calling these episodes noesis shows, but we didn't know how to pronounce the word. By the way, Noesis means: The psychological of perception and learning and reasoning. We would choose this word because we want to help leaders develop into decision machines vs. always looking for an external solution.