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Steve opened the show talking about the Chinese New Year and pointed out that there is no reason to get too worked up about those who are in the fear mongering businesses who talk about Chinese factories shutting down or 40% of factory workers not returning to the factory. This is normal and this kind of talk happens every year. Although the economic headwinds are strong in China we do not see any signs of massive issues there today.

Steve talked about some of the good news for Amazon Sellers which includes the idea that some FBA fees are being lowered. He went on to suggest that prices will remain elastic and bend with the supply demand curve as it always has. It is welcome to see these fees lowered, but Steve pointed out that using 3PLs or other inventory staging ideas is a smart way to prepare yourself for future unanticipated price hikes which are inevitable.

If you are interested in hanging out with Steve he will be in Costa Rica from Feb 13th-20 at a mastermind event. It will be fun and although that event is exclusive and closed, he is happy to hangout and have a drink when he is not otherwise tied up with the event for any awesomers out there. https://www.amzandbeyond.com/

How about Traffic and Conversion? Steve will be headed down to San Diego on Feb 22nd and if you are down at T&C go ahead and reach out to Steve on twitter, facebook, linkedin, or your favorite social media and he can tell you where he is going to be each evening after the show. There will be thousands of AWESOMERS in one place. https://www.trafficandconversionsummit.com

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If you are in or around Prague in the Czech Republic March 28, and March 29 you should consider coming to the European Seller Conference. Steve will join a panel to help talk about the best ways sellers can grow their business. https://amzsummits.com

In April Steve will likely pop over to the Canton Fair, probably around Phase 2. It is an extraordinary event and China is now of Steve's favorite places to find the VERY BEST meals on the planet. Yes, for those who haven't dined well in China - you are doing it wrong! http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/index.aspx

In May you should put this on your calendar right now. The Empowery 2019 Seattle Summit. This will be 3 intensive days with Steve with a surprise field trip! This is the most extraordinary value you will find for a hybrid between a conference, training session, and mastermind. IT WILL BE AWESOMER! Get your tickets before the early bird goes away. https://www.empowery.org/2019-seattle-summit

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