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Episode 169 Podcast Series with Steve Simonson

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PODCAST SHOW NOTES - How to Rank Products on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more...

TODAY's Featured Guest Paul Harvey with with RANKSTER

Today Steve Simonson and Paul Harvey talk about one of the most effective ways brands can drive awareness and engagement through advertising and product rebates. 

Rebate marketing has been around forever, but only recently have modern technologies been adapted to help consumers gain awareness about new brands and micro brands. Check out the History of Rebate Marketing.

Paul talks about SellerChatBot and why messenger bots are a critical part of customer acquisition and engagement process and further how a new DONE FOR YOU service from SellerChatBot called Rankster can help you execute awareness marketing campaigns without burning too many calories yourself.

Busy entrepreneurs need to delegate and find solutions instead of trying to do everything themselves. STOP BEING THE BOTTLENECK!

Paul has recorded special training to help your team manage your bot flow marketing.

Better still, Paul announced the advent of round 2 of BETA customers into RANKSTER which is a great way to gain ranking without you having to do the work. 

Get over to and sign up for the webinar to see if you can squeeze into the next BETA round.

To use RANKSTER you must provide:

a) Target SKU/ASIN

b) # of rebates you want to run

c) which keywords to target

d) payment for the service

e) which marketplace you want to focus your brand building on

Then the magic of DONE FOR YOU really begins!

RANKSTER is different because: 

1) RANKSTER will only take products that can succeed. (Certain restricted categories or poor listing are rejected.)

2) RANKSTER will actually create your Facebook ads.

3) RANKSTER will actually develop the target audience for Facebook ads.

4) RANKSTER will actually run the ads AND PAY for the ads for most customers. (Supplement customers and other crazy categories may not have this option available to them.)

5) RANKSTER will deliver your targeted rebate customers. (within 10% - due to customer timing)

6) RANKSTER will monitor your listings to determine your progress.

7) RANKSTER will provide you a list of the rebate with invoices from the appropriate marketplace

8) RANKSTER will provide you with an email and Facebook ID for each customer to build your own lists and create retargeting.

9) RANKSTER can work with certain brands to give them their own Facebook page at the end of a campaign (minimum investment required) which helps your brand build another ASSET.

10) RANKSTER provides customer support during the launch process through the completion of the campaign.

This is a very exciting program that all e-commerce entrepreneurs can take advantage of. If you want to run discounted offers to your Shopify, or drive ranking on Walmart or Amazon this is a perfect way to do it.

And it avoids the problem of the "professional gangs" of rebate shoppers who have taken courses to game the system and then sell against YOU on Amazon and eBay!

Instead run real ads to real customers and generate real awareness and momentum. - for full show directory.

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