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Today Steve talked about his recent trip to Europe with his kids to help Awesomers understand his recent absence. 

Steve went onto share a summary of his 3 different community based initiatives:

1) - Website, Podcast, Mailing List, Facebook Group - 100% FREE eCommerce Community Support

2) - A non-profit member owned cooperative to help leverage buying power and bring a unified voice to sellers. We can be: Independent. Together.

3) - The VIP high level mastermind focused on top performers looking to take their business to the next level.

Steve shared why each of these distinct ideas exist and a little about how they came to be.

Further into the episode Steve shared his views about the new FREE version that allows Amazon Sellers to take control of their ASIN level listing changes and reviews including monitoring, alerts, notifications, and even project management to create advanced levels of automation. The robust system is only being opened to a tiny degree because we don't want to overwhelm users with the full ERP advanced feature set which is there, but it perhaps a bit intimidating to newer ecommerce users.

Steve went on to talk about the Entrepreneurial "defect" when it comes to managing people. Our instincts and vision as entrepreneurs is exceptional, however, our management capabilities are often NOT SO AWESOMER!

Steve mentioned the resource to start to learn about YOU first and get to know your strengths and then roll out strengths training to your other team members. 

And for goodness sake, build a team and create a culture to unlock the highest performance levels in each of the individuals. Stop treating people, especially freelancers, like disposable tissues.

Steve mentioned his personal website as a place to try and keep track of some of the projects that Steve is working on. It's hard to keep track of them all!

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Steve is always busy hatching new schemes. Stay tuned to Awesomers for updates on current projects.

To get details about the Sourcing with Steve in China trip click below:

Consider these resources to help your business: - the non-profit member owned co-op - the ecommerce focused global mastermind - learn more about the founder Steve Simonson

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