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Budget Systemization - What is it? In this episode, Steve talks about a very "sexy" topic. We often discuss budgeting in our firm, and I often write about budgeting because it is such an important topic in any company. Good news: Valuable strategic element of the business bad News: IT TAKES WORK 

Having a budget will help you manage your business and will help you remove the day-to-day "tasks" on your plate and to create a successful budget, every Founder/Leader or business owner needs to:

  • Establish Strategic Objective that gives you your roadmap - knowing the revenue and the associated overhead expenses.
  • Set goals and objectives that push for growth and efficiency, but keep those goals and objectives realistic. There is nothing more demoralizing than to have an unachievable goal.
  • Start your budget planning process early.
  • For a calendar with year end at December, start no later than August of the current year. - Measure your actual results every month versus budget, and hold people accountable.

Ready to learn about Budget Systemization? Let's go!

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