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Episode 192 Podcast Series with Steve Simonson

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Danny McMillian and Steve Simonson talk about changes in people's behaviors as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. We all can see the changes in our own lives, but what do those changes look like across a wide range of demographics?

The Channel Advisor SAAS company polled over 1000 active US based shoppers to find answers about online shopping behaviors. The research completed by Channel Advisor has been very helpful to understand the consumer behaviors. 

So many main street stores have been closed over the past few months that the pure fact exists that options are limited. What changes in shopping habits have been created and will they last?

Increased Online Shopping Statistics

Time Spent Online Since COVID19 Pandemic

Online Shopping Marketplace Comparison

Online Shopping Product Discovery Source

Online Shopping Search and Social Preferences

Product Purchasing Online Search and Social Preferences

Top Product Categories During Pandemic

COVID-19 Online Shopping Trends

Online Shopping Predictions as a result of COVID19

COVID-19 Predictions on Grocery Purchasing

Online Purchasing Biggest Factors During Coronavirus Lockdown

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