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Steve welcomed Zack Leonard who is the President of GEMBAH. 

GEMBAH is a product design and development company that is built to empower entrepreneurs, especially those Amazon FBA Sellers, who need to help with product differentiation. 

Everyone talks about finding product opportunities that you can differentiate, but few have a systemic path to that differentiation.

So today's podcast is a conversation between Steve and Zach about the typical product design process.

Zach walked through each of the steps and even included the graphics shown below as a reference for the Awesomer audience.

The concepts behind product design are something that every Amazon Seller should at least become aware of, but more likely, the opportunity to make design improvement and create assets in your business such as molds or patents.

There are so many possibilties!

GEMBAH is an aligned and authorized Empowery Co-op vendor so don't hesitate to contact them and learn more about how they can help you. Empowery members can contact Empowery for a personal introduction and to be sure you get access to all of the extra perks and bonuses that are part of your Empowery membership.

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Amazon FBA Seller Product Design and Development Solution

Amazon Seller Product Design and Development

Amazon FBA Seller Product Design and Development

amazon seller product research design and development

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