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eCommerce Launch Summit - FREE training

EPISODE 142 Podcast for Entrepreneurs, Creators, Thinkers, Geeks and those who aspire to become just like them. 

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eCommerce Launch Summit - FREE training

1. It's FREE to participate!

That makes this summit a no-brainer.

2. It's virtual so you don't need to travel anywhere.

Travel sucks - so skip the pain and enjoy in the comfort of your own home or office.

3. This can accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

The experts share their knowledge so that you can skip some of the pain!

4. Network with other like minded entrepreneurs

The a community of ambitious individuals working towards the same goal.

5. Participate in Workshops

Take action by paying close attention to the workshops with step by step instructions.

6. Browse the Marketplace

Special offers to some limited time opportunities to create instant wins!

7. Free during LIVE presentations

You can watch without any cost, but you'll probably want the lifetime pass to get the most value and playback ALL of the content anytime.

8. Discover Money and Time Saving Tactics

The speakers and vendor partners will reveal some of the best techniques and tools to save you time and money on this ecommerce journey.

9. Learn how to balance mindset with delivery. 

This laser focused summit gives you the chance to talk through the exact steps of private label selling.

10. It's built for YOU

If you are just starting out or even if you are an advanced seller there are many lessons about how to simplify, scale, and leverage your time and business for more profit.

  • Kevin King will share 6 mind blowing strategies on how to pick products that will WIN on Amazon's marketplace.
  • Elana Saris will share 5 biggest mistakes people make when sourcing from China
  • Steve Simonson will share 5 Supply Chain Secrets
  • Michael Bitler will talk about how to create an optimized Amazon listing
  • Bradley Sutton will dive into keyword research and listing optimization strategies on steroids
  • Philip Jepsen will talk about using Amazon Data to exapnd your business
  • Paul Harvey will share his insider tips for facebook messenger specifically for Amazon Sellers!
  • And Many More...



Join Steve as well as a group of brilliant e-commerce entrepreneurs including Kevin King, Tim Francis, Erin Taylor, Steve Simonson, and many more at the Empowery Seattle Summit. This in person event will give you the chance to network in the most meaningful and productive way that you have ever experienced!

(Speaking of Kevin King and Steve Simonson you should find out what the buzz is about over at -->

Put this event on your calendar right now:

The Empowery 2019 Seattle Summit. This will be 3 intensive days with Steve with a surprise field trip! This is the most extraordinary value you will find for a hybrid between a conference, training session, and mastermind. IT WILL BE AWESOMER! Get your tickets before the low price goes away.

Thanks for being awesomer!

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