Is Internet Marketing Hurting Itself with Fake FOMO and Hysterical Hyperbole?

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Today Steve explored the dark side of Internet Marketing and expressed his frustration with the constant raising the bar of FOMO and marketing puffery - especially aimed at eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Steve mentioned that he has FOMO "Fatigue". For those keeping score at home, FOMO, is the cool hip internet way of saying FEAR OF MISSING OUT. This concept is powerful in marketing. Perhaps the most powerful. However, Steve laments that it appears to be overused.

As the show continued Steve talked about the difference in how he prefers marketers to be transparent and honest as opposed to routinely manufacturing fake scarcity. As one example Steve talked about the founding of the Empowery eCommerce Cooperative and how the intent is to drive awareness, engagement, and interest in the non-profit member owned organization, but NOT to constantly warn prospects that the sky is falling.

Is Steve just being a curmudgeon or have you experienced these pain points too?

Will the truth and transparency strategy work? Will entrepreneurial business owners see the benefit of their membership both now and in the future?

We'll see. It's a live case study.

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