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FTC and DOJ negotiate jurisdiction over anti trust of big tech companies. Apple, Alphabet (owns Google, Amazon and Facebook) are in the cross heirs of the government for anti-competitive behavior.

The FTC will investigate different aspects of Amazon’s business model.

Jeff Wilke, which is the #2 most powerful Jeff at Amazon says criticism is warranted, but company breakup is too far.

 Wilke claims: But Wilke said that no one inside Amazon shares seller data to create new products and said that its private-label brand business accounts for less than 1% of sales.  (of course the fact that Chinese Sellers have all of this data and use it regardless of “rules” or “policies” at Amazon show that any goes inside Amazon. His claim of less than 1% of sales is interesting because other places claim the private label sales rate is much higher.

Prime Day Inventory is due into Amazon by June 27th.

Past Prime Day: 

July 15, 2015

July 12, 2016

July 11, 2017 (kicked off on the 10th and ran for 30 hours)

July 17, 2018 (kicked off on the 16th and ran for 36 hours)


This year it is predicted that Prime Day will begin either July 9th or 16th. It is still not announced.

Amazon’s multi-channel FBA service may in and of itself be anti-competitive.

Amazon faces so much pressure that stories about sellers asking for review reversals could cause a back lash.

The pressure for both Amazon and Marketplace sellers will increase as these types of stories keep coming to light about 5 star reviews flooding in.

Amazon successfully defended a $300,000 product liability lawsuit regarding a fire that was caused allegedly by a product purchased on Amazon. The case was dismissed on summary judgement saying that a “publisher of third party’s information” has no liability. It went to the appeals court which agreed that Amazon was not the seller. The likely result is that product liability insurance for sellers may face increased validation as a part of their ability to sell on Amazon.

Amazon continues to push this “marketplace” concept although some would argue that it’s control and market share make it a monopoly vs. a marketplace.

eBay suggests strongly that FREE SHIPPING should be part of every seller’s strategy.

Buyers at Amazon and eBay know how to work the system:

eBay commits to a more positive seller experience.

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