We believe in SOPs for Everyone! SOP means Standard Operating Procedures. SOPs can mostly be defined as a method for doing a specific task. SOP examples are part of the SOPBox built into https://parsimony.com SOPBox is available as a solo product at https://sopbox.co 

SOPBox has a LIVE working demo at https://sopbox-demo.parsimony.com/#/login

We know every company has its own diverse set of procedures. To provide each of them with the flexibility that they need, we've made sure that all Parsimony System Managers can create new Standard Operating Procedures within the system. These SOPs will work cross-website (i.e. across the world wide web!) when you use our Chrome SOPbox Extension. Even when you visit Google, or Amazon, or Trello the SOP floating box will follow you and keep your instructions and tasks right in front of you.

You know what is better than screenshots? Actual screens you can work with WHILE following along with the SOP!

BETA Testers wanted. If you have an Amazon FBA business we're going to have 100 beta testers use a limited starter set of SOPs and then create some of your own.

We'll reward those SOPBox Beta testers with a screaming deal to be sure your time and feedback are rewarded. ;)

Get the CHROME PLUGIN to be sure you have cross-website capabilities: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/parsimony-sopbox/kkgjmmjflaefighkbmlfbhjcbphmipde?hl=en