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Top China Sourcing Mistakes

China Travel And Sourcing China Tips To Make Your Trip Easier


You can find sourcing opportunities no matter where you go in China. It's about your attitude and your own responsbilities to make good decisions AND to participate in the development process.

The Canton Fair has massive scale and opportunities. 

China in general is a wonderful place to source and the Canton fair specifically is a great place to go to learn more about China. There are all kinds of different product opportunities. You can really accelerate your business in China by attending a fair like this. Other sourcing methods can work too - don't feel stuck if you didn't goto the Canton fair. For example Yuwi is sometimes called "Christmas City" because so much of that year round trade zone is focused on Christmas related items. That opportunity is also huge.

The trade issues continue to make news between the United States and China, but an important thing to remember is to be patient and that you can't control it so don't put too much energy into worrying about it. Things are proceeding and there appears to be a general sense of optimism to see some progress that is pro-trade and helpful for Amazon sellers and e-commerce sourcing in general.

And regardless of USA-China situation there are many other choices and more coming in the future if there is a failure to resolve this issue. Remember that dealing with China regarding pricing and everything else is an equation - not a single action step to win. You must learn the process over time. Taking care to balance the Ying and Yang of pricing and quality is an essential skill.

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