Canton Fair Cancelled Wuhan Corona Virus

Episode 172 Podcast Series with Steve Simonson

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Canton Fair 99% Cancelled Wuhan Corona Virus Amazon 

Steve dives into the facts about the Pazhou complex sending notice that the fairgrounds are closed indefinitely which means in all likelihood the canton fair spring 2020 will be cancelled.

The Canton Fair organizers also send a message that told exhibitors to expect cancellation and stopped short of officially declaring the fair closed, but the nuanced message was a clear indication of what's to come.

Even if the Canton Fair somehow carries on - I RECOMMEND NOT GOING.

This image below was shared by Baptiste Porzier which is from the organizers of the Canton Fair.

The translation from the team is:

Join Together to Fight with the Epidemic Situation

To further implement Xi's important instruction and spirit of his speech about the Prevention and Control of Corona Virus situation, to win the fight, and to better ensure the safety and health of the Exhibitors and Visitors, Canton Fair Exhibition Hall will strictly implement the relevant virus prevention and control requirements by China Commerce Department, Guangdong Provincial and Guangzhou Municipal Government, and will suspend any exhibition activity. We will keep close contact with relevant government departments and will announce in time the resume of activity to everyone.

Thanks for your understanding and support for our virus prevention and control efforts.

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall 
Feb., 3rd, 2020

The is a reason so much of China is on Lockdown and why so many unprecedented actions have taken place.

One of the best visualizations, thanks to Megla Bhardwaj for sharing, is

Wuhan Corona Virus Live Update Dashboard

Although the China team members speculate that the peak is near or perhaps 7-10 days away, Steve points out that the CHINA authorities are saying that timeline more often than outside experts who suggest the peak is still many weeks away.

The fact that China is taking so many steps appears to have contained it to within China, and we hope that they can get it under control ASAP.

We wanted to bring real people who are responsible for hundreds of containers and let them tell you what they are experiencing.

We don't know who is right and we hope for immediate containment and elimination of this virus.

Top News Right Now about the Wuhan Corona Virus:

I warned Amazon Sellers last week not to travel to China until at least June (or we know more) and now the US Government is catching up.

DO NOT GOTO THE CANTON FAIR - it's not worth the risk! I've heard most people are getting refunds from organized trips, but I've heard a couple of people asked for a refund and got shut down by a specific trip. I recommend retaining an attorney because of Force Majeure should allow you to break any contract and get a full refund. Anyone not offering this without a hassle appears to be ripping you off. Message me with examples of tour refund rejections and I can refer you to an attorney. - for full show directory.

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