Energize your output

Top performers never stop learning, developing, and trying to become better humans. What do you do that makes you special?


Big Picture Vision

We are able to consider the day to day activites in our personal lives and our businesses, but at the same time consider the long term as well.


Happiness Increases Everything

People often sacrfice for months, years, even decades based on a flawed assuption that happiness can wait. Get it right as soon as possible.


Allocation of Resources

Your objectives each day may change based on your skills, your team, your resources, etc… But this kind of change is exactly what you need!


Imagine a world where your life and happiness are the priority.

Focusing on the barriers to your own happiness can help you clear out those roadblocks and get focused on what really matters. Then the magic can really start to happen.


Business Performance for Entrepreneurs

If you want to drive your business forward start with the beginning and then proceed to the middle and the end. (Spoiler alert: yes it is this simple.)

The concepts are dead simple, but in fact exection of the ideas are where the rubber hits the road.


Empowering Entrepreneurs

We like to share some of the best strategies, tactics, resources and other awesome content which is directed to entrepreneurs. And best of all it’s FREE. Nothing to Buy.



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What Awesomers Say

Changing your own mindset can be one of the most difficult challenges you face in your life. Therefore we always recommend having a support system of peers, friends, family and other Awesomers around you to help stabilize and accelerate your growth. Some of the comments from past clients, event participants and all around Awesomers below when they hang out with our team. It’s fun and we all learn every time we are hanging out together.

“International sourcing can be a scary, frustrating and difficult endeavor. The SYMO team provides the services needed to overcome the obstacles that impede success. Thank you for all your help!”

Owen Strecker
VP Corporate accounts

“The Symo Team has been amazing. I attended a sourcing trip they organized in Yiwu and with their help was able to reduce our COGS by more than half on some of my main products. All in all, the team helped me save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. They are professional, very committed and extremely caring. Highly recommend William, Alex, Viola and of course Steve for anyone who wants to make a big difference in their physical product or e-commerce business. .”

Katalin Cseke
AWeSOMER Brand Owner

“The knowledge & insight and extensive dealings with manufacturers and the business knowledge that literally saved my year. Through the team’s advice, I was able to negotiate better pricing and terms that I did not even think were even possible. These changes doubled my cash flow. This trip paid for itself on the 3rd day just from implementing the ideas that were discussed at the Masterminds, dinner’s and personal discussion with the team.”

David Brown

Join us. It will only take a minute and it’s FREE.

Our Awesomer Leaders

Do you know what’s it like to trust key team members to get their job done without delay and without compromise? We do. Awesomers hold themselves to high standards and they won’t stop until the job is done. Our team is spread over the SYMO global team and we work on a number of initiatives in manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce. Our Leadership Awesomers also buy and sell turn key businesses which are focused on branded growth e-commerce companies.

Steve Simonson


Awesomer since the old days. But still learning and growing every day and every month! There’s no school like the Awesomer old school.

Sherry Richardson

Merchandising Awesomer

Sherry has forgotten more about supply chain management, international logistics, and big data than most will ever know.

William Wu

International Business Awesomer

William has been rocking International trade from China around the globe for over 25 years. He is an expert in Chinese and English.

Alex Zhang

China Sourcing Awesomer

Alex has personally inspected hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of containers of product to ensure absolute quality from China.

100 Million +

Capital Transactions

500 Million +

B2B Sales

250 Million +

B2C Sales

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