China Sourcing Trip Yiwu August 2017

The official dates are:  Yiwu Market & Shanghai: China August 19th-27th 2017 - if you want to join send us a contact below and we'll connect with you via email.



This trip will be hosted by**
You DO NOT have to be a Catalyst88 annual mastermind member to join this trip. **Catalyst88 members see your details in the official mastermind group.


Are you an Entrepreneur interested in sourcing products in China?

Our team has worked over the years to help companies from brand new start-ups to Fortune 500 companies source products from all over the world. Over time we have sourced to support hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in e-commerce, retail & wholesale. (
Part of our core belief is that the world needs more entrepreneurs and we want to do our part to help that.
So, we occasionally, when we have the capacity, will invite fellow entrepreneurs into what we loosely call the Entrepreneur Travel Club. (ETC)

WHAT IS THE Entrepreneur Travel Club?

This is an informal concept designed around the fact that if entrepreneurs with similar goals are able to meet and learn from each other they can all benefit. And by combining business with adventure (like cruises) or business with practical learning (like trade shows) there are lots of ways to accelerate your own business acumen with no risk. These events are not services that are sold, but instead, a way for our team to give back. 

Therefore this trip is a not for profit enterprise, but instead, is operated as a "TRIP SHARE".

What Does TripShare Mean?

Tripshare mans we calculate the cost of the hotels, meals, airport transportation, group transport on buses, subways, trains as well as our China team staff costs and we bake that all into one cost. Sometimes we even have a few surprises in the budget if everything goes according to plan. ;)
Participants are required to provide their own international airfare to and from China.

For this trip, you would arrive in Shanghai, China on August 19th and Depart Shanghai, China on August 27th back to your home. We recommend PVG airport since it is the biggest. All other costs we try to anticipate and include in your trip share. (Obviously, things like souvenirs or your own personal shopping is for you to take care of.)


Steve Simonson, our founder, is heading to China where people can tag along with him and his China team from August 19-27th 2016. These dates are finalized. 

NOTE: To arrive in China on the 19th you often need to leave on the 18th from the western hemisphere. Please be certain your arrival is on August 19th.


So for those that have an interest please CLICK HERE to sign up just showing your interest. There is no obligation and we will only use the email to give you details as they become available.

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? $9999.00 includes almost everything!

What is included?

hotel cost Transportation from airport to hotel upon arrival.

hotel cost All 5-star hotel accommodations during the entire event.

hotel cost All China transportation from arrival until the final day.

hotel cost All group breakfasts and dinners (and some lunches).

hotel cost Happy Hour adult beverages and hors d'oeuvres.

hotel cost Any group tourist activites.

hotel cost The cost of Steve's CHINA team time, travel, etc...

hotel cost All networking and MasterMind meetings.

hotel cost A couple surprise bonuses are often thrown into the mix. 

hotel cost A absolute experience of a lifetime!


 What is NOT included:

x mark Your airline costs to arrive in China and depart from China.

x mark Your lunches during the Yiwu show. (probably 10USD per day * 4 Days)

x mark Your cost of a translator during the show events. We'll coordinate the details and you pay them each day in cash directly. (about 50USD per day * 40 Days) 

x mark Your cost of transport back to the airport on the last day.

x mark Your cost of any souvenirs or personal shopping. ;)


The basic idea is that you can show up to China without having to worry about any major expenses. We'll take care of you.

 Entrepreneur China Trip

Steve Simonson, the group organizer, doesn't even charge for his time or even subsidize his own travel. We just create a trip share price which is all of the costs you would have if you are alone, but instead, we will coordinate and schedule and pay to make it simple for you. This way you can travel to China with a virtual security blanket in place and no worries about what to expect.


The cost for 1 participant in your own room is $9999.00.

Everyone has their own room in 5-star awesome hotels.  If you wish to share and split your costs with a friend you can sort that out with your friend, but we'll support that too.

Watch this video for some basic China Travel Tips:


HOW DOES ALL OF THIS WORK? It's simple really...

You are responsible for flying yourself to and from China (and have a Chinese visa in your passport). At that point, our team will manage everything else including all 5-star hotels, meals, trains, planes, and cover the cost of my team to take care of the group, etc...

This is not a trip that we sell to make a profit on. We do not try to sell you stuff while you are on the trip. Included in the time, as planned now, is 4 days at the Yiwu trade fair area which has massive opportunities to source products quickly and learn about the process in general.
Typically we will schedule some mastermind sessions during the week as well and we will schedule at least 3 of them in a hotel meeting room for those that wish to attend and compare notes and learn from some experts. Then after the days at the show, we'll have a fun 2 days exploring Shanghai and networking with each other.

China mastermind meetings

Some of the most memorable meals of your life are likely to be had in China! If you have special dietary restrictions please let us know so we can make proper arrangements.

China ecommerce entrepreneurs sourcing trip
The #mastermind sessions can be highly valuable to any entrepreneur, especially those focused on #amazon that we would highly encourage you to join if you can. There is no added cost for these mastermind meetings.
Going to Yiwu China in August may be your last chance to source products for Christmas 2017 without too much stress. You'll have enough time to identify a supplier, check them out, get samples, verify what you want, make a purchase order, get production done and shipping to you all before Christmas season.
Anyone who has questions can ask on the Facebook forum and we'll get back to you ASAP: 

#Entrepreneurs who have a private label business and need to learn quickly about sourcing from some guys who have been doing it awhile are welcome to come along.


THERE WILL BE NO SALES PITCH FOR ANYTHING ON THIS TRIP. We will not beat you over the head to buy stuff. We don't sell stuff. 
ADDITIONAL COST OPTION: While in Yiwu we can arrange to have a translator to accompany you which you would pay them around $50USD per day. There is no tip required or expected. If you do not need this added option there is no obligation. If you have never traveled to China we would recommend you arrange to have this translator to help you through the process. They can also expedite your search for specific items since they know the show layout and where to find specific categories faster than you so.


August 19th - You arrive Shanghai. We will arrange transportation from the airport and take you to the hotel. We will provide dinner that evening & hotel.

August 20th - We will leave early for Yiwu via high-speed bullet train. This will take about 2-3 hours. We will arrive mid day & check into hotel. We can go to Yiwu for about a half day to get you started with your exposure. Your train & hotel, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as transport to and from the train station is included. We will discuss show strategy, negotiating and planning at dinner like a mini-mastermind.

August 21st - All day at Yiwu show. Your breakfast and dinner and hotel are included. You can find simple lunch at the tradeshow for less than $10USD easily. Happy hour from 6-8 included. Informal mastermind is possible.

August 22rd - All day at Yiwu show. Your breakfast and dinner and hotel are included. You can find simple lunch at the tradeshow for less than $10USD easily. We will have an evening mastermind session about 1-2 hours for those that wish to join. No cost for the mastermind session.

August 23th - All day at Yiwu show. Your breakfast and dinner and hotel are included. You can find simple lunch at the tradeshow for less than $10USD easily. Happy hour from 6-8 included. Informal mastermind is possible.

August 24th - Travel Back to Shanghai via train late morning or mid-day. Afternoon mastermind. We will have a nice dinner at night. Your breakfast, train, simple lunch and nice dinner are included as well as transport to and from the train station.

August 25th - Explore Shanghai - we will check out different parts of Shanghai that are amazing parts of the adventure. Depending on the final size of group we may be on the subway a lot today! We will take short tours of great Shanghai spots that include interesting sites and some history. Happy Hour from 6-8 is available. Nice dinner.

August 26th - Explore Shanghai - we will check out different parts of Shanghai that are amazing parts of the adventure. Depending on the final size of group we may be on the subway a lot today! We will take short tours of great Shanghai spots that include interesting sites and some history. Happy Hour from 6-8 is available. Nice farewell dinner.

August 27th - Everyone travels home. Breakfast is included at the hotel. No further trip share services. You should be prepared to have about 200-250 RMB to take a taxi to the airport. You should plan on flying from Shanghai airport. PVG is biggest international airport which we recommend you use.

If you are advanced we can show you how to take the MAG-LEV train. :-)

China Mastermind for Amazon marketplace sellers

Bookmark this page. As more information becomes available this page will be updated with most current info.

** when you sign up and agree to join our trip then full payment via Wire transfer to the travel company bank in USD is required within 3 business days (or if must use PayPal you need to absorb the fee or send as a friend) before we can book and confirm your space.

NO REFUNDs once we make the booking since we pay in advance for hotels and transport and our staff time is already allocated.

These kinds of trips are meant to be a way of giving back to our entrepreneurial community. If they start to feel like work at some point then we won't do them in the future. Or perhaps we'll charge a scooby snack for the event to cover the pain, but in the mean time we love to hang out with cool entrepreneurs and we all help each other grow in business.

And in all the years we have hosted people in China it is magical to see China again for the first time through their eyes!

Note to critics: We travel in a premium way. Can we find hotels in China for $25 bucks per night and meals for less than $10 bucks per day? Sure. But why would we want to?! We stay at very nice places with excellence in every aspect of the journey. We do NOT cut corners. So for the critics who like to suggest that they are cheaper ways to do China we agree with you. We've been traveling to China for over 15 years and we understand how to make the most of a trip in terms of productivity and ROI. Every person who has every traveled with us has not only loved the experience, but the value as well!

Here are a couple videos from 2016 trips:


(Please note the itinerary changes for different trips so not everything you see in the videos may be relevant to your trip.)


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