Gold Videos

From time to time we may get get folks together and have a live google hangout to talk about common questions (FAQs) and about some of the possible solutions to those problems.

Below are a couple recent bonus hangouts:

How to prepare for Christmas is a common question all consumer based companies consider, but Christmas time on Amazon is in a league of it's own. If you are selling products on Amazon you have an even greater need to fully understand the potential increase for business and take some logistical realities into account as well. Check out a bonus session we had below about getting ready for Christmas on Amazon. 


Mentor Mondays are an occasional feature where we share some ideas about current events that are impacting entrepreneurs.


Sales taxes are a big worry for a lot of online merchants. States, accountants and software companies go out of their way to scare you into collecting and submitting taxes in states where you actually have no nexus or obligation to do so. Although this is a fast moving area the opinions are shared in the video below. As always it's your business you make your own decisions.


A hangout with a special guest Hugh Taylor who will discuss best practices in PR for ecommerce entrepreneurs, specifically those targeting Amazon as a sales channel, including his 7 step system to make the PR phase of new product launches systemic and predictable.