Who Are the Awesomers?

By Mark Eting July 1, 2017 Entrepreneurs 9 comments

Awesomers are on a path towards a fulfilling and complete life. Perhaps you have already arrived at contentment, but you understand that your life and your business remain focused on forward momentum.

If you are engineering your business to achieve goals that include financial objectives, growth metrics, and the ideal team you’re already on the right track. Awesomers don’t stop there, however, why not include lifestyle goals? Understanding how your business serves your life is a critical part of becoming an Awesomer over the long haul.



Own It.

Do The Right Thing.

Develop Their Skills.

Think About the Big Picture.

Take Time for Revelry.

Believe They Can Earn.

Are Makers.

Follow The Golden Rule.

Understand Abundance.

Know They Can Achieve Anything.


Awesomers take the time to improve their own skills because they understand to achieve you must bring something to the table. We don’t feel entitled to anything. We don’t expect our success to be the result of someone or some government’s generosity. In fact, we don’t believe

We don’t expect our success to be the result of someone or some government’s generosity. In fact, we don’t believe that governments are going to solve our problems, we believe they create most of the problems.

Fundamentally Awesomers believe that our own accomplishments and achievements are the result of hard work, planning and an expectation of a positive outcome. The vision towards a positive outcome is NEVER compromised during the journey

The vision towards a positive outcome is NEVER compromised during the journey even during the most challenging setbacks, barriers, and obstacles. Awesomers know that the road is not easy, nor straight, they know that the difference between an Awesomer and a Normie is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Vision + Persistence = Awesomers


Mark Eting

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