Selling your Amazon Business?

By Mark Eting March 13, 2016 Entrepreneurs No comments yet

Since Seth Anderson and others have recently posted about selling their business I wanted to add some insights. In this Mentor Monday session we'll talk about some ideas about selling your business or buying other businesses. We'll cover general topics on how to prepare your business, what types of deal structures and other possible exit strategies. I will also talk briefly about deal making from the buyer side. For those that want to join live and ask questions you can start by posting some of those questions here. I would expect this to be around 30-45 minutes. There will be no selling or scheduled guest on this hangout, just me sharing some of my experiences. Some of my "brain trust" may join if time permits to share their own perspectives as well.

You can watch and ask questions live using the Google Plus link:

If you just want to watch you can use this link:


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